Company profile

We focus on products

We focus on the practical aesthetic design of our products, focusing on product research and development around original mobile phones, and creating styles focused on fashion, passion and innovation.

Tidal products, English name TREQA, 3C digital accessories brand. The main design and production of mobile phone accessories, such as data lines, car chargers, chargers, protective shell, line charge, car support, mobile power.

  TREQA travels with all its friends and listens to the opinions of each guest. It is our responsibility to understand and respect the different needs of her (him). The in-depth research around the world gives us a deeper understanding of the needs and expectations of our products.

Brand growth history

In June 2015, the TREQA brand turned out and entered the R&D stage.

      In June 2016, the TREQA trademark was officially approved by the National Trademark Office of China;

      In October 2016, TREQA’s own tumbler self-operated physical store began operations.

      In May 2017, TREQA's tidal products rapidly expanded, with dozens of series and hundreds of single products.

      In March 2018, TREQA was successfully registered in 37 countries and regions around the world. same year
TREQA's overseas market has grown rapidly and its products cover more than 60 regions in more than 10 countries.


"TREQA" is fun, and each piece is full of vibrant youthfulness.

      "TREQA" is diligent, and every honor is a precious reward for diligent exploration.

      "TREQA" is happy. Every smile is the ultimate temptation of energy.

      "TREQA" loves you! Every baby is born for you.

      TREQA's practicality and creativity combined with design; fusion of perfect color and shape;
      The search for trend-sensitive modern fashion continues to bring you high-quality products that are full of fashion, passion and innovation.