Agency cooperation

Mode A - line channel

The first step 

Second steps
Third steps
Fourth steps

Design support
The headquarters will be for the franchisee in the first time
For a complete set of designs including the store image
Design, construction drawings, etc.

Product support
The headquarters will be based on the local market research,
Provide the best product plan for the franchisee.

Market strategy
Professional operation team to provide promotion for franchisees
Guang plan, to guide franchisees to plan shop opening activities.

Shop completion
The sales manager of the headquarters is one to one for the franchisee
Display guidance and practice training to ensure the store
A smooth opening.

Mode B - Online Channel

The first step 

Second steps
Third steps
Fourth steps

Design support
Consultancy negotiation between the franchisee and the person in charge
Choose to join the online channel to understand the addition
Advantage of alliance and conditions of joining

Business evaluation
The headquarters sent related personnel to the franchisee
Inspection, on the basis of the individual situation of the franchisee
Estimate analysis.


Intention of cooperation
After the assessment, the two sides further deepened
Yes, the headquarters will provide a detailed join
Quotation scheme.

strategic cooperation
After consultation, the two sides reached strategic cooperation.

Zero franchise fee! Zero margin! Zero brand use fee!
No threshold, no need of experience, as long as you have a heart to venture, you will join TREQA and be your own boss!

Advantage two unified design of store image

It won't be important to decorate! No design doesn't matter!
The headquarters will help you! Join TREQA, you can enjoy a unified store image design, store decoration program support, product display guidance and help, save your heart and labor.

Advantage three regular activity promotion program

Regular sales promotion, no worry!
TREQA headquarters will provide you with regular activities promotion plan, shop promotion plan, publicity and promotion plan, promotion product support, holiday explosion, guest source without worry.


The product iteration is fast, and the monthly 60 new products' new speed is always at the forefront of the trend.


Compared with the same quality products in the market, the price is lower and everyone can afford it.


All products are tested by the national quality system, and the quality and quality of the products are no worries.


Self built factory, independent original design, fashionable and superior quality.


More than 2800 SKU, rich product line including the entire communications and electronic market!

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TREQA join ten questions ten answers



Strategic vision brand

TREQA combines practicality and creativity with design, and integrates perfect colors and shapes.
Seeking the modern fashion style that is sensitive to the trend and constantly displaying the high quality products that are full of fashion, passion and innovation in front of you.
TREQA's products enjoy a high position among consumers. There are more than one thousand stores in the global region and domestic global chain stores have good cooperation.